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        Please use this website to explore my life and work and as a resource for your own inquiries into social justice, sexualities, and spiritual perspectives. Follow my blog, connect with me via social media, read my books, or take my classes. Email me to schedule a speaking engagement, to inquire about phone coaching or to obtain more information.

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        Write as Rain

        • Read Any Good Bi Books Lately

          It’s great fun reviewing bi books for the Journal of Bisexuality. Here’s a recent one:? ?http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/nY4DrHQPaXquwZ6WnIWu/full

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        • I Lost A Partner …

          For Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn, R.I.P., April 5, 2015 I lost a partner. She told people she “fell in love” with me before she knew me. She meant she fell in love with my work in the world, how I gave her courage to be. We took care of each other, that’s what mattered, still does. […]

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        • On World AIDS Day 2014 . . . I remember

          I read something about it in 1981.? A newspaper report about a mysterious rare cancer found in 41 gay men. I’d returned to DC in August 1980 from the International Black Hills Survival Gathering outside Rapid City, SD, where we—the environmental activists, American Indian Movement leaders, ranchers, and concerned scientists, academics and clergy—were trying to […]

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